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Obituary for Collins Maynard Rupnauth

Collins M. Rupnauth was born on November 27, 1937 in Leguan, Guyana. The child of Inez Rupnauth and Edward Kong, he had two dear siblings: a (late) brother named Samuel and a sister named Pansy.

Growing up, Collins was a playful and protective brother to his siblings, as well as a steadfast friend to those around him. He was also a very attentive and loving son, who regularly showered his mother with unrestrained affection up until her passing in 2005.

He migrated to the United States in the 1960s after living much of his adult life in Guyana and French Guyana. He quickly called the Bronx his new home and, as a newly minted New Yorker, Collins diligently chased after his goals of working hard to provide for his family as best as he could, with dignity and perseverance.

Collins’ life motto was to always be both humble and kind. All who knew him recognized his intelligence, humor and, above all else, his kind heart and compassionate nature. A generous soul, he was always willing to give everything he had to someone in need, even if it meant he would have nothing at the end of the exchange. He was a hardworking and talented mechanical and electrical engineer, with an intellectual prowess that endured even in his advanced age.

He is survived by his wife, Caroline Rupnauth; his five children: Odile Loutoby Ho Hio Hen, Donald Clovis, Colin Kuchinic, Christine Class
and Lauren Rupnauth; and his seven grandchildren: Leïla Loutoby, Edward Kong, Stanley Clovis, Kaylin Class, Leah Class, Aiden Rodriguez, and Colin Rodriguez. He is also survived by his sister Pansy, his two sons-in-law, Jason and Fernand, and his nine nieces and nephews who all loved their uncle dearly.

Collins died peacefully in his bed on February 18, 2021 at his daughter Lauren’s home, which was also his own. He has made such a profound impact on those around him in his 83 years of life, and he will be dearly missed by all who loved him, which is coincidentally all who knew him.